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What is AI-Powered Language Translator ?

Intelligent Language Translator Device

  • The Artificial Intelligent Language Translator is an intelligent device that able to process Real-Time Voice with Two-Way Multi Speech Recognition

Language Recognition

  • With AI-Powered translation, “you can instantly understand anything said to you in any form of language.” The technology works by recognising words individually
    - Digitalistmag 2018
" it takes advantage of the fact that relationships between certain words…are similar across languages to create its translations. "
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Technology Review


Facts & Figures

1 %
0 s
1 hrs

2601 Language Pair

Massive language pairs translation with ability to store and replay audio of the translation result.​

0.3 seconds translation

Super fast and rapid translation with just 0.3 seconds processing and up-to 98% accuracy for complex sentences including business and technical conversation.

Intelligent Noise Reduction​

Microphone recognises voice in noisy surroundings. The fidelity speaker voice is loud, clear and the microphone is able to recognise voice in noisy environments.​


2-way language translator pre-installed with connection to the strongest intelligent translation dual-engine platform (iFlytek & Nuance), capable to translate up-to 52 languages with system language FOTA Cloud Upgrade technology

Precise Output

Online translation produces much more accurate and better results, no app connection on your phone and support offline translation (*future version).​

Battery & Design

2.4 inch high-definition touch screen with 1200mAh lithium battery with 7 days of standby, 1.5 hours fast charge and 10 hours of operation time.

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who have used this device in meetings, interviews, teaching, learning, business conversations, telephone conferences and travel. Also used by hotel concierge, flight staff, restaurant staff, service staff, management team, CEO, employees, government officials, consulting staff, expatriates, travel agencies, students, teachers, lecturers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, programmers and anyone who wants to speak a lot in various languages

Supported Languages


AI Translation Engine

⌃ 0.3 seconds translation with up-to 98 percent accuracy are information provided by our partner and depends on various factors such as complexity of words or phrases or pronunciation or paragraphs or tone or other language related factors, network speed, response time of translation engines, etc.

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